We have never owned our own business before. When the opportunity arrived to purchase a pet shop, we were so excited and jumped on the opportunity. We wanted to make sure our business was easily accessable for our customers. We set out to find a web designer and received so many recommendations for AXIS! Joe and Adam were totally amazing. As we were new to this entire process, they walked us through everything, step by step. Adam did a wonderful job designing the website, it is just what we wanted. The funny thing is that the dog he choose for the site looks exactly like Victoria’s uncle’s dog!

They have a passion for what they do and it shows in the quality of their work. We did not have much time to get everything up and running, they really stepped it up to make sure they met the deadline.

They wanted us to be successful as much as we did! That means so much to us. Whenever we had questions, they always responded quickly. They even made us a tutorial on how to access our online account, and add or change inventory. They also desgined our grand opening flyer. It was what we are all about on paper.

Most importantly they made us feel valued.