The staff at Axis is a “safe place” for us a business owners to vent and overcome obstacles, usually just in our mindset, that get in our way of success. As a business owner, it feels like we always have to be strong, but sometimes, we just need to share what’s going on – in that sharing with Joe, Matt and the team, we are able to quickly get back on track and refocus on our goals.

We have increased sales, while also focusing on expanding our product offerings of fresh mushrooms and mushroom powders. We’ve added an on-line store for our powders, which keeps growing each month. We are also starting to work with Naturopaths, supporting them with mushroom powders for their clients. Axis of course has created all the marketing collateral needed. With creative videos and reels, we have quadrupled our existing social media followings, and expanded onto new sites we had not been using.

We love the quarterly client meetings where we get to meet other business owners in the community and collaborate how we can work together supporting each other’s products or services.

The team is professional, approaches the big picture with creativity, committed to our success and most important to me, a safe place to brainstorm new ideas and ways to run our business better than we can imagine. They are a true “partner”.